Hidden Worlds


It was a glorious sunny day here. According to my new friends, the ladies that beach hut (rather than ladies who lunch), the temperature peaked at 21°C… and it’s only mid March! In between writing my radio columns, I enjoyed the beach.

At one point it was nice to find some welcome shade. I popped into the Hidden Worlds exhibition at Stade Hall (15-19 March). Some provocative artwork by Lee Alkane and dramatic photography by Tim Coleman.

I’m off to Manchester tomorrow by train then Amsterdam by coach for the Radiodays Europe conference. See you back here next week!




Monday Mural: Love St Leonards


The first time I came to Hastings and St Leonards, last summer, it was almost midnight when I arrived. I parked on Warrior Square and saw the sea a few metres away. Near to that was this huge mural for the Love Cafe. I felt an inkling that like this place could possibly be a future home to me in the long term, though it was really no more than a seed of an idea at the time. I arrived here sooner than I’d have thought. I’ve not been in the cafe yet but I see the mural daily and hope you enjoy it too. One for the Monday Mural.



St Mary in the Castle

St Mary in the Castle

Today was the first time since I arrived in Hastings & St Leonards-On-Sea  that I wasn’t working or rushing off to another part of the country. It has ended with me feeling at home here, for the first time.  After a morning of dull but necessary house unpacking duties, the sun came out. I went for an invigorating walk on the beach, from where I spotted St Mary in the Castle- this church was built 200 years ago in the rock beneath Hastings Castle. These days it is a great community cafe and art space. I had a quick look round before getting back to the sunshine and a walk across the cliff tops, then back down through Hastings Old Town. Once my social and political life kicks in fully here, I feel it’s gonna be my kinda town!



Skywatch Friday: Sea sunset


The sun sets on the English Channel for another day, not that you get to see it set every day. I’ve witnessed it three times in the seven days I’ve been here so far, with four grey days; but hey, it’s not even spring yet so I’m not complaining. Besides, living in a country with mixed weather patterns makes a view like this waiting for. One for Skywatch Friday.

I’ll be back blogging here next Thursday- I’ve got the #OurNHS demo in London tomorrow and then, on Sunday, I’m off to Dorset for a few days to help my parents open up their caravan for the season. A good sign that spring is on the way. Have a good weekend everyone 🙂





Wild sights and sounds at #HastingsFatTuesday


Mardi Gras came to Hastings at about the time I arrived here. The Umbrella Parade on Sunday ended up here in the Palace Bar, where I snapped these lovely creatures. It seemed pretty wild really, with lively music and people in extravagant costumes. It was the first parade of the year, I hear, and this seems to be a town that likes to party, with a mind of its own. Spending a lot of time here could be fun! For more, keep an eye on my Instagram account as well.

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Colour photos that look black & white


Welcome to Chrissy by the Coast. I moved last week from Manchester (mancunian wave blog) to Hastings and St Leonards-On-Sea in East Sussex.

My opening post is of Hastings pier on a grey and blustery day (Monday morning this week) and it’s for the City Daily Photo Theme Day for March, of colour photos that look black & white.

The new pier opened last year and is the first pier to be built in the UK this century. The previous one burnt down about seven years ago. I’m sure the pier will feature regularly in this blog.

Coming Soon…


Welcome to Chrissy by the Coast. I’m about to relocate to Hastings in East Sussex from Manchester, where I have written Mancunian Wave since 2011.

I’ll start posting in earnest at Chrissy by the Coast once I am settled in, probably from mid to late February 2017. I’ll be back in Manchester several days each month and aim to keep that blog ticking over too.

I’m proud to say that both blogs will be part of the City Daily Photo blogging community.