Pause for thought

gardens in spring

Spring in the back gardens of Hastings

I’ve been blogging for most of this century. My original website DX International started in 2001 and had a radio blog as part of it. It then became a blog in 2007. A few years later, 2011, I started Mancunian Wave, (see also a nice Google image snapshot of it here ) and in recent months I started Chrissy by the Coast.

I need to take a break from blogging. I am travelling around the country more than ever, still writing a lot (my two radio columns appear in RadioUser every month and any other radio thoughts I have are in BDXC Communication). I also need to dedicate more of my time to political activism, plus developing a social life in the south-east to match that I have in the north-west. I’ve also got other long term, surprisingly exciting,  decisions to make.

So I’m taking a rest (from blogging). It may be weeks or may be longer. Please follow me on Instagram @ChrissyCurlz, where I post a photo most days which sums up my mood, things I have been inspired by or need to protest about… And on Twitter.



Our World Tuesday: What price a beach hut?


Are beach huts unique to the UK? There is something cosy and rather British about these brightly painted glorified garden sheds- the simple pleasure of being able to make a cup of tea on a grey day or to take shelter from the bracing wind. That stoic attitude of remaining by the sea even in the horizontal rain, when sanity suggests you should seek refuge elsewhere and indoors along the coast.

People pay a lot for the privilege of privacy, somewhere to be sociable with family friends and neighbours, to change and dress after a swim, to store deckchairs, buckets and spades and other essential seaside paraphernalia. It can cost £1000+ a year to rent one. The lilac-coloured beach hut in the photo above, which I wandered past in St Leonards-On-Sea on Sunday, is up for sale. yours for £18,000 (which is the same in Euros these days).

Some rather aimless thoughts for Our World Tuesday.



Weekend Reflections: 1875 #Hastings Weather station


And we’re back. With a Weekend Reflection of the old weather station on the sea front at Hastings & St Leonards. It’s been a busy 10 days, travelling back to see friends and family in Manchester and Sheffield, three days in London for work, politics and socialising. I hope to get to the beach this gloriously sunny weekend but first a morning of writing up my report of the Radiodays Europe conference. No peace for the wicked!